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    A POLYAC® roof system protects the surfaces to be treated against all kinds of mechanical and weather influences and contains a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane.

    The specific reinforcement fleece embedded in the POLYAC® BDM resin increases the performance and durability of the waterproofing and withstands the forces experienced at roof level.

    There are systems for ballasted and non-ballasted roofs, industrial and non-industrial roofs.

    Non-ballasted roofs are always finished with a flexible and UV-protective top layer, and can be provided with an anti-slip finish.

    The colour of the top layer is free to choose and can generate additional benefits. Light colours reduce surface temperature. The reflective effect of a light colour, but especially a white finish can give a significant benefit to the building's interior temperature, urban ambient temperature or heat island effect, and even the efficiency of solar panels installed on the roof.