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    Solutions | Liquid waterproofing & wear layers


    Elastomeric membranes, waterproof wear and scratch layers for all kinds of civil structures, buildings and car parks.

    RESIPLAST NV specialises in the production and supply of liquid-applied waterproofing products.

    A distinction can be made between systems provided with a flexible, elastomeric waterproofing membrane and crack-bridging capacity and tough-elastic (waterproof) wearing courses for various substrates such as, concrete, steel, composite, wood ...

    For wear-resistant coatings in public spaces e.g. town squares and roads, please refer to our flooring segment.

    We offer solutions for above-ground and underground structures, parking buildings, wastewater structures, train platforms, ramps and so much more.

    Ask for a free consultation for the protection of your specific structure. Often, ground repair works or leak sealing measures are required, additional joints need to be created or repaired, or the structure needs to be stabilised. We offer various solutions for these needs, which can be found under the Repair and Protection segment.