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    Underground car parks and (above-ground) intermediate decks

    The penetration of water, chloride and exhaust gases into the concrete structure must also be prevented via the intermediate decks, which may or may not be open. Depending on the construction type of the car park and the application, a flexible system with dynamic crack bridging is required, or a tough elastic or rigid system will suffice. In any case, the lining should be at least impermeable to provide a barrier against deterioration by carbonation and chlorides.

    A wearing layer, without an elastomeric waterproofing membrane, is often sufficient for closed deepening internal or underground car parks. RESIPLAST NV has both wearing courses and coatings based on PMMA and epoxy.

    Aggregates of minerals, glass pearls beads or even recycled glass can be sprinkled and coated with a coloured or transparent top layer.

    On In low open ground areas where there is a risk of water pressure on the underside of the substrate, vapour-permeable systems are provided, as found in our Water-based - Fox epoxy floors.

    Before work can be started, leak sealing, crack sealing, or substrate repair may be necessary. Our solution segments SPETEC® and PROTECT AND REPAIR provide more information about these applications.