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    Preventative and remedial waterproofing with injection resins, kits or strips. Filling, lifting and stabilisation of structures and geotechnics.

    The origins of SPETEC® go back more than 40 years when chemical injection technology was still in full development.

    As a pioneer, several products were developed for this specific market. Since then, the range has only been expanded for a variety of construction applications.

    SPETEC® products are mainly used as leak sealing, permanent waterproofing of underground structures, and for substrate conditioning, soil reinforcement, coagulation, slab-lifting and chemical encapsulation or sealing of structures against the penetration of substances.

    Solutions are available for all types of underground structures with water pressures, ranging from cofferdams (sheet piling, secant walls, bentonite walls, etc.), tunnels, metro stations, railway verges, to foundations, sewer renovations, dams and basements, and so on. Depending on use and application, the products are divided into four main groups: preventive waterproofing, curative waterproofing, geotechnical solutions and sealing of pipes and pipe penetrations.

    Resiplast's SPETEC® range are special techniques that in many cases are the solution on their own, but they can also be used complementarily as preventive or repair measures for Resiplast liquid membranes and wear layers, or resin floors.