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    Remedial waterproofing

    Resin Types

    SPETEC® SEAL and STOP polyurethane resins (PU foams) and acrylic injection resins (gels), and EPICOL® INJ LV epoxy resin, are used for remedial or curative measures to solve water infiltration problems. There are waterproofing solutions for dry and wet cracks, as well as for sealing leaks with running water within half a minute. For each situation, a resin with specific properties is available: rigid, semi-rigid or flexible injection resins with different viscosity and curing times, hydrophobic or hydrophilic resins, fast or slow and strong or low expansion resins for very thin or wide cracks or joints, and small or large voids, or force transmitting for structural injections.

    Leak Sealing

    1-component foaming PU water-reactive resins with high or moderate expansion capacity can be injected through the wall to stop and seal active water leaks. Depending on the flow rate and pressure, the size of the joint or crack, and the washed-out soil behind the structure,  injection methods with different products may or may not be combined. In addition, accelerators can be added to the resin to adjust the reaction speed so that an effective solution is always obtained.

    Crack and Curtain Injection

    Water infiltration through concrete structures generally occur through cracks, joints and honeycombs (areas in poured concrete of mainly granular aggregate with voids in between). The structure can be permanently restored by performing crack injection or curtain injections with SPETEC® resins. The liquid resins are injected under pressure and, depending on the application, into the leaking cracks or through the structure behind leaking walls. For non-structural solutions, there are the ductile or elastic solutions with PU resin and the repeatedly swelling acrylic gels with very low viscosity. If structural strengthening of the concrete structure is required, rigid epoxy resin with its force-transfer properties can be used.

    Field of Application

    Several resin types and injection methods can be applicable within the same project.

    Below are some examples of constructions where SPETEC® resins offer curative solutions.