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    Geotech solutions

    Geotech Polyurethane Resins and Acrylic Gels can be used for several geotechnical solutions and to great depths below ground level.

    Sagged structures can be lifted to their original level in a controlled manner using the AP LIFT PU foams. The strength, density and expansion capacity varies per product depending on the needs or application: concrete railway beds, rafts, floor slabs, stairs, cycle paths, ... .

    For filling cavities or disused structures, pipes and mine shafts, a highly expansive AP FILL resin is available.

    The AP SOIL, AP STAB, soil improvement and stabilisation resins can be used to increase the load-bearing capacity of soils, make it possible to create temporary or permanent waterproof soil barriers, or reinforce dykes, soil and gravel berms. SPETEC® STOP and SEAL foam-forming PUs can also be part of the solution for filling large cavities and sealing joints due to erosion around or subsidence of underground structures.