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    Sustainable parking management

    The use of parking facilities usually requires payment and it is therefore imperative for the owner that these structures are in very good condition. After years of service, this is sometimes no longer the case, due to mechanical wear and tear and continuous surface loading, vibrations, thermal influences including frost, building settlement, and chemical attack by water, or water contaminated with de-icing salts, and exhaust fumes. This results in concrete damage, cracks, leaks and damage due to accelerated wear and tear.

    Concrete deterioration and the first corrosion phenomena of the reinforcing steel are not immediately visible and can lead to dangerous structural stability and safety situations. Once the reinforcing steel is corroded, the process is accelerated andsections of concrete can come loose, which can cause damage to the parked cars or to the functionality of the used areas underneath the parking roof. When problems are observed, repair costs will be high.

    Poorly maintained, dark, dirty parking areas also create a great sense of insecurity among users.

    RESIPLAST NV systems are a good investment. They provide lasting protection for the concrete or steel load-bearing structure, guarantee safety for years to come and extend the service life of this part of the building. The systems are suitable for both new construction and renovation projects. They protect the structures against mechanical and chemical stresses and all kinds of weather influences.

    POLYAC® systems allow local repairs to be carried out in the event of accidental damage or renovation and, thanks to the rapid curing, keep downtime to a minimum. (Water-based) epoxies in the EPISOL® range are also available for underlying intermediate decks or floors at ground level or ramps.

    It is absolutely necessary to study the situation thoroughly on a case-by-case basis. An underground deck, intermediate deck or parking deck or ramp each require a specific solution and the right system must be carefully chosen depending on the needs of the area to be protected or renovated, the condition of the substrate, available budget and aesthetic expectations.