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    Elastomeric membranes and wear layers - civil

    Liquid applied elastomeric membranes are applied to protect the surface against chemical influence, and/or water penetration.

    If necessary the liquid applied elastomeric membrane can be combined with a puncture resistant or trafficable wear layer to protect the waterproofing membrane. These systems are an alternative as a waterproofing solution to prefabricated membranes made of thermoplastics, synthetic rubber, bitumen, and others.

    The major advantages of liquid-applied synthetic resins are that they are easy to apply without seams or hot works even in complex structures with many details. They can be applied manually or by spray application, and can be loaded quickly after application and can be applied at cold temperatures (greater than or equal to 0°C).

    Our POLYAC® systems from RESIPLAST NV consist of liquid-applied methyl methacrylate (MMA) synthetic resins, which cure quickly even at very low temperatures.

    The membrane and resin-bonded wear layer are a special type of MMA resins, or so-called PUMA resins by adding a proportion of polyurethane, to further increase strength and flexibility.

    The sealing against water, chemicals, and gases, is guaranteed by the elastic membrane with dynamic crack bridging even at temperatures below freezing, and are durable.

    POLYAC® systems can be used on many substrates by using the suitable bonding layer from our POLYAC® range, and the chemical bonding between the various system layers ensures optimum adhesion.

    They are used for both above-ground and below ground structures and on interior and exterior surfaces.