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    Elastomeric membranes and wear layers - buildings

    Terraces, galleries, balconies, flat roofs, industrial and parking roofs are indispensable for houses, flat blocks, office and industrial buildings.

    After years of service, they sometimes deteriorate due to weather influences, whether or not combined with mechanical wear and erosion. Pavement tiles that are broken, loose cement joints, concrete damage, cracks, leaking seams can cause numerous frustrations to the user, property owner or client. This part of the building is ultimately important for our living and working environment. Aesthetics is not the only issue that counts, deterioration of the structure can lead to dangerous situations in terms of stability and safety.

    POLYAC® sealing systems from RESIPLAST NV offer a simple, durable and worry-free solution. They consist of liquid-applied methyl methacrylate (MMA) synthetic resins, which can be applied even at very low temperatures and cure within the hour.

    The membrane and resin-bonded wear layer are a special type of MMA resins, or so-called PUMA resins by adding a proportion of polyurethane, to further increase strength and flexibility. Due to the high dynamic crack-bridging properties of the membrane, even at temperatures below freezing point, water sealing is guaranteed. In certain situations, it may be necessary to add a reinforcing fleece to the membrane to make the system provide even more performance.

    POLYAC® systems can be used on many substrates, such as, concrete, wood, metal, bitumen, etc., and are suitable for both new construction and renovation projects.

    It is absolutely necessary to study the situation thoroughly on a case-by-case basis. The right system must be carefully chosen depending on the application, the needs of the area to be protected or renovated, the condition of the substrate, the presence of joints, and aesthetic expectations.