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    Waterproofing of balconies - terraces - galleries

    POLYAC® waterproofing system for balconies, terraces and galleries extends the service life of the structure and can contribute to aesthetic added value. Depending on the type of construction or the customer's expectations, the waterproofing membrane can be provided with a reinforcement fleece, which will ensure increased crack-bridging capacity.

    On top of the waterproofing membrane comes the protective layer, where the resin is sprinkled with glass beads, quartz aggregate (natural or coloured), colour flakes.

    Inlays can vary in shape and size, thus determining the texture and, to a large extent, the slip resistance and ease of maintenance.

    Depending on the desired aesthetics, coloured quartz aggregate or colour flakes are possible with a transparent top layer, or the quartz aggregate are sealed with a uniformly coloured top layer.