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    Waterproofing of parking roofs

    Parking roofs are exposed to all weather conditions and therefore require solutions with special technical properties.

    POLYAC® parking roof systems with an elastomeric membrane prevent water, chlorides and carbonation from penetrating the concrete and are a durable solution thanks to their crack-bridging properties, UV resistance, absolute watertightness and resistance to long-term frost/thaw cycles.

    Above the membrane is the wear layer with aggregate broadcast and top coat which provides increased mechanical resistance. The choice of type and size of the aggregates broadcast affect short- and long-term wear and slip resistance.

    The top layer allows one to spell out the desired appearance or colour, or to apply the necessary markings.

    One can also choose to provide the wearing course, as a protective layer made of concrete or asphalt with an adhesive coating.

    All products in the system are applied in liquid form and lead to a seamless system with good chemical and mechanical adhesion between the various layers. They have a very short curing time, can be applied at very low temperatures, and can be repaired locally if necessary. As early as 2 hours after completion of the works, the system is trafficable again.