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    For the repair and strengthening of cracked concrete dams, including leak sealing, rapid long-life techniques such as resin injections are important to avoid catastrophes and ensure safety. Epoxy resins are well suited for structural repairs in the cracks, while polyurethane or acryl resins are often provided as temporary leak seals. As permanent waterproofing, polyurethane injections with polylurethane or acrylic resins behind the concrete structure are possible.

    The joints and cracks of dams involve highly dynamical movements under the influence of weather conditions and large load or water level fluctuations, and therefore require a flexible solution to address the cause. Often, dams have hydropower plants and, from an economic point of view and for energy supply, it is extremely important to seal the leaks in the vicinity of the dam in the ground or in rock formations on the reservoir side. For these cases, we refer to the SPETEC® geotechnical solutions segment.