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    Erosion, landslides, compaction and many other environmental factors tend to cause subsidence or settling of structures in or on the ground. Sagged or sunken concrete slabs or foundations can be lifted back into place by injecting under the structure with specially developed AP LIFT 2-component polyurethane foams, applicable in wet or dry conditions.

    The liquid resin fills voids and compacts loose soil to create a strong substrate. The expansion force of the PU foam combined with the pressure of a specialised pump generates enough controlled force to lift almost any structure back into place with great precision of a few millimetres or tenths of an inch. This can be achieved at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to replace the concrete support structure.

    An additional advantage is the speed at which the resin expands and cures: 90% of the strength is already achieved within 15 minutes, and in most cases the structure is loadable after removing all the material. The resins can be used to lift small structures, for example residential floors or stair, for industrial floors, but equally civil infrastructure such as cycle paths, roads, bridge slabs, train beds and so much more.