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    Cracked bridge decks can be structurally strenghtened and sealed by crack injection with EPICOL INJ LV and sealing the cracks also avoids further weakening of the structure by reinforcement corrosion.

    To protect or waterproof unexposed bridge structures, e.g. eco bridges or railway bridges, injection resins are an effective solution. Railway subways are sometimes in a very poor condition because the concrete structure or masonry was not protected from water penetration, or the service life of the waterproofing was exceeded.

    Removing tracks and ballast bed is time-consuming and expensive, and can cause major disruptions to train traffic.

    An economical and quick solution is curtain injection with SPETEC® acrylic gels. Using special injection equipment, the injection can be done through the ballast bed and soil.

    By carrying out the works at night, disruption to traffic itself can be reduced to zero.