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    Water infiltration through underground parts of the building and parts in contact with water occur frequently in residential, office and industrial buildings. Especially in older and listed buildings, problems due to rising damp in the walls above ground level can also occur. 

    SPETEC® resin products for waterproofing can seal cracks, joints, pipe passages, honeycombs or other cavities in concrete or masonry structures, while solving non-visible problems such as soil leaching behind the structure.

    For stability problems or sagging of structural elements, a combination with resin injections into the ground or under the structure (foundation, soil slab, water reservoirs, sewers,...) may be required, and this according to the methods described under geotechnical solutions.
    Common parts of buildings where water infiltration problems arise or cracks need to be sealed to prevent soil contamination are: Basements, ground-level floors, driveways, lift shafts, commercial floors, manholes and monitoring wells, concrete chemical retention tanks and water basins