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    Construction pit shoring is used at the edges of construction pits and serve as retaining wall and in many cases as water barrier. They can be used both temporarily during the construction phase and as a permanent part of a building or civil structure.

    When sheet pile walls are used as shoring, may unlock while being driven in hard conditions, creating openings in the wall. Shoring can also consist of piles formed in the ground such as secant pile walls, diaphragm walls (slurry walls, or cement-bentonite walls), or soilmix walls. Joints or irregularities, cracks and fissures in these types of walls are often the cause of water leaks in the construction pit.

    In deep construction pits in combination with high groundwater levels, leaks can occur with large flows and water pressures. When these occur, action must be taken extremely quickly to prevent damage to expensive equipment and to resume work as soon as possible.

    SPETEC® foaming polyurethane injection resins are ideally suited for leak sealing and curtain injections behind the shoring.