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    Joint waterproofing

    For the preventive waterproofing of non-overflowing movement joints, there is also the flexible FPO tape with high UV resistance, EPICOL FLEX-TAPE. This tape is glued on both sides over the joint or crack with the epoxy adhesive EPICOL U NEW.

    Typical structures where this sealing tape can be used includes basements, tanks, basins, wastewater treatment plants tunnels, underground structures, bridges, ...

    When bridging movement joints with POLYAC® elastomeric waterproofing membranes, highly elastic joint fillers hybrid PMMA and PU (PUMA) can be used our POLYAC® 100 and 200.

    The leak-proofing of existing joints can be done using the appropriate SPETEC® injection resins and depends on the application. This may be for example expansion joints or construction joints, pipe joints, but also movement joints of underground structures (car parks, foundations, excavation paving, tunnels, etc.) For more information see the SPETEC® solution segment.