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    Polymer Concrete for Expansion joints

    The presence of joints in civil structures such as bridge decks and roads, requires a structural polymer concrete that can withstand high dynamic traffic loads.

    Polymer concrete can be implemented around a bridge joint system as a transition beam at the road surface, reinforcement rib under the asphalt, or a backfill around a flexible joint transition.

    Polymer concrete is also used to repair manholes and provide a transition beam between manhole cover frame and road surface.

    POLYAC® M is an, even at very cold temperatures, ultra-fast-curing PMMA-based polymer concrete that is ideally suited for these applications.

    This tough and slightly flexible material does not lead to rutting (typical for asphalt), or rapid cracking and breaking of material under prolonged impact (typical for concrete with hydraulic binder).

    This results in a comfortable and durable solution, avoiding serious damage to structures.

    RESIPOX mortar can also be used to fix, repair or smooth out parking decks or floor joints that are not directly exposed to UV light.