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    Resin-based mortars, epoxy- or PMMA-based, can be used in a wide range of applications.

    Ranging from classic (concrete) repair, to levelling of surfaces, underlayment of machines and overlays to repairs in cold and freezer rooms.

    Characteristic properties for resin-bonded mortars are their high chemical resistance, adaptable processing consistencies and extremely fast return to service in the case of PMMA mortars.

    • Mortars for machine base grouting or for increasing concrete coverage: VIBROX and VIBROX XL

    Download the leaflet VIBROX-VIBROX XL

    • Trowel mortar for fast, durable repairs and seamless (hollow) skirting: RESIPOX®
    • Moulding Putty for filling, modelling and repairing: EPICOL T

    Download the leaflet RESIPOX-EPICOL T

    • Polymer mortar for ultra-fast concrete repair and floor levelling in cold areas: POLYAC® M

    Download the leaflet POLYAC® M