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    Antistatic floors

    A conductive flooring system can be applicable in both ATEX zones (AS system) and in production areas for sensitive electronics (such as microchips) (ESD system).

    A conductive floor system aims to discharge a voltages on the floor (static electricity) in a timely or immediate manner. They safely conduct electricity to the installed earthing points.

    Additional areas where an ESD floor can be applied : operating rooms, dialysis rooms, clean rooms, server rooms, etc..

    Would you like to know more about the advantages of an ESD floor? Contact our technical department for more information.

    The advantages of resin-bonded conductive floor systems:
    • Seamless
    • Very easy to maintain
    • Dust -and scratch-free
    • Impermeable and chemically resistant
    • Sustainable
    • Available in different colours and styles
    • Electrically conductive or antistatic
    • etc..