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    Episol® Mc

    Semi selflevelling epoxy screed floor 5 to 9 mm

    EPISOL® MC is a liquid-tight floor with very high mechanical properties and good chemical resistance. It combines the advantage of fast application and the aesthetic properties of a screed floor with the mechanical and chemical properties of an liquid-tight trowel mortar.


    • Good UV resistance
    • Liquid-tight
    • Maintenance friendly
    • High chemical resistance
    • High mechanical strength
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Good flow
    • High impact resistant

    Field of application

    • Breweries
    • Chemical industries
    • Pharmaceutical industries
    • Garages, workshops,warehouses
    • Hospitals
    • Public areas
    • Storage areas for hazardous goods
    • Showrooms / offices
    • Heating/boiler
    • Food processing industry
    • Home
    • Heavy (mechanical) industry