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    News | Episol® 108 bd will be replaced by episol® universal

    Episol® 108 BD will be replaced by Episol® Universal


    Episol® 108 BD will be replaced by Episol® Universal: change planned for October 2023.

    Thanks to specific modifications in the formulation of Episol® Universal, it is now also tested and suitable for use as a heat-resistant system under bituminous sealing* (Thermal shock resistance tested as primer, seal coat and scratch layer according to TL/TP BEL-EP, 250°C with silicone oil).
    Because of this development, it was decided to stop producing Episol® 108 BD and to replace it integrally with Episol® Universal.
    As an advantage, we can offer it in multiple packages (15, 24, 600 and 3000 kg sets) where previously this was limited to 600 and 3000 kg sets.
    Episol® Universal is an enormously versatile solvent-free epoxy building resin that can be used on various substrates and in various ways.

    For more information: info@resiplast.be

    (*) Heat-resistant within a specific build-up with tested fillers and grouting granules (as a scraping/leveling layer under bituminous membranes).